Hi! I'm Daniela and here's my deal:

I'm a designer and stop motion animator. 

I'm one of the founders of BLND

Creativity and inspiration tickle me, how and why creatives do what they do? Following that curiosity I created this-thing, a platform for nurturing creativity around me. *currently taking a brake*


Besides all that I like pottery, embroidery, gardening and chilling in the couch with my 2 cats.

Now, tell me a bit about yourself...

This has been my experience over the years:

> 2019 - present
Senior Designer and Team Leader at Admind.

> 2011 - 2019

Director / project manager / animator at BLND.

We worked together for almost 9 years for clients like Google, Amazon, WMF and Clipper Tea.

> 2014
Freelance animation work for Lava Design.

> 2013
Senior designer at Coz Marketing 

> 2010-2011
Regular freelance work for Boolab in Barcelona, Spain